11/28/2012 1:00 PM // Politics, US

al Qaeda will soon be your neighbor

Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA)commissioned A report to identify prisonS in the U.S. that could be suitable to hold Guantanamo detainees in an effort to close Gitmo.

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11/28/2012 12:18 PM // Politics

Obama backing Reid's attempt to eliminate the filibuster

Obama is now coming out in favor of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's attempt to do away with the filibuster which is a dramatic turnaround compared to 2005 when they both supported the filibuster.

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11/28/2012 11:14 AM // Politics

WH Officials met privately with Unions and Progressives on tax hikes & spending cuts

The WaPo is reporting that senior Obama Administration Officials met with Union leaders and progressives regarding tax hikes and spending cuts.

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11/28/2012 8:07 AM // Politics

Obama to meet with Romney at the White House

Obama will be meeting with Romney at the White House for lunch on Thursday.

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11/28/2012 5:42 AM // Politics

New poll shows easy re-election for Chris Christie

A new poll shows that Chris Christie would beat Newark's Democratic Mayor Cory Booker with two-thirds of New Jersey voters saying Chris Christie deserves to be re-elected next year.

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11/28/2012 5:41 AM // Religion, US

The War on Christmas Continues; Students cannot sell Christmas trees

The Left continues to wage war against Christmas. Officials at Western Piedmont Community College replaced the word "Christmas" with "holiday" in a student club's announcement of a Christmas tree sale.

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11/27/2012 3:00 PM // Politics

Dick Durbin advocates income equality; Compares Hedge fund manager to Navy SEAL

Leftist Senator Dick Durbin spoke at the liberal think tank Center for American Progress where he advocated income quality by talking about hedge fund managers and Navy SEALs.

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11/27/2012 6:31 AM // Politics

Members of the President's own party oppose cutting entitlement spending

This should not come as a surprise to anyone but members of the President's owner party is opposed to cutting the biggest driver of our debt - entitlement spending.

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11/26/2012 9:01 AM // Politics

BREAKING: Liberty University challenges Obamacare

The Supreme Court has opened the door for another legal challenge to Obamacare. Liberty University has filed suit against Obamacare and the High Court says the case has to be reheard by the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals.

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11/25/2012 5:03 PM // World

Israeli spy satellites see Iranian ship loaded with rockets for Gaza

Israeli spy satellites have spotted an Iranian ship being loaded with missiles that may be headed for Gaza.

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11/25/2012 9:40 AM // Politics

Peter King steps down as Homeland Security Committee Chairman

Rep. Peter King (R-NY) has announced he will step down as chairman of the House Committee on Homeland Security.

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11/25/2012 6:12 AM // Florida, US

Florida woman who rode manatee arrested

A woman who was photographed riding a manatee in Fort De Soto Beach back in September, was arrested Saturday for violating the Florida Manatee Sanctuary Act.

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11/22/2012 4:18 PM // Politics

Jesse Jackson Jr's resignation could cost taxpayers over $5 million

Jesse Jackson Jr.’s resignation from the House could cost Illinois taxpayers more than $5.1 million, according to the state elections board.

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11/22/2012 11:39 AM // World

Statistics on the Israel-Hamas Conflict

Fox News had these stats regarding the 8 day conflict between Israel and Hamas while they interviewed Lt Col (Ret) Tony Schaefer.

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11/22/2012 11:32 AM // World

Egyptian President Morsi making a power grab? (UPDATED)

Reports from Egypt indicate that President Morsi is attempting to increase his power. Morsi has stated  that no one can overrule his decrees since he was elected in June.

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11/21/2012 4:33 PM // Politics, US

Revisionist History - The Boston Tea Party now taught that it was terrorism

Texas public schools are teaching that the Boston Tea Party  was terrorism just like al Qaeda attacks. The teacher reads a report as thought the event happened in the last hour.

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11/21/2012 1:45 PM // Economy, US

Bankruptcy judge clears Hostess with liquidation

It appears that the Twinkie will not survive. The federal bankruptcy judge has given Hostess the OK to go ahead with its planned liquidation.

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11/21/2012 11:47 AM // Politics

Rep Jesse Jackson Jr (D-IL) to announce resignation

According to the Chicago Tribune and heard on America Live, Rep Jesse Jackson Jr will be announcing his resignation.

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11/21/2012 10:45 AM // Politics

Israel and Hamas agree to cease fire

Israel and Hamas have agreed to a cease fire that will beign at 2 PM EST.

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11/21/2012 9:34 AM // World

Egyptian authorities intercept weapons smuggled in from Libya

Egyptian authorities have intercepted over 100 Grade rockets and thousands of rounds of ammunition which smuggled in from Libya.

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