6/30/2013 7:49 PM // Politics

Fourth of July fireworks cancelled at military bases yet Obama can go on $100 million African vacation

Fourth of July celebrations and fireworks have been cancelled at a number of military bases around the country due to no money and furloughs which in turn are a result of sequester.

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6/30/2013 7:09 PM // Politics

Ralph Reed Lays the Smackdown on Rachel Maddow on Meet the Press

 Faith and Freedom Coalition Founder Ralph Reed and MSNBC's Rachel Maddow had a heated exchange on NBC's Meet the Press Sunday.

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6/30/2013 7:03 PM // Leftist MSM

Matthew Dowd on This Week equates Wendy Davis with criminals Bradley Manning and Snowden

On This Week, Matthew Dowd equated State Sen Wendy Davis with Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden who are both criminals and ultimately traitors regardless of the surveillance that Snowden exposed.

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6/30/2013 6:56 PM // Politics

ABC News gushes over Wendy Davis and her damn pink running shoes

This Week's Sunday Spotlight focused on Texas State Sen Wendy Davis who this past week stood up for abortion in Texas.

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6/30/2013 6:50 PM // Politics

Peggy Noonan on This Week: Wendy Davis stood up for infanticide & the taking of a child's life

On This Week, Georgie asked Peggy Noonan about the abortion bill in Texas. Noonan said the bill should pass and that the bill is not aimed at closing clinics - just for them to meet certain standards.

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6/30/2013 6:12 PM // Politics

Julian Assange's interview on This Week: Praises Edward Snowden as a hero

Appearing exclusively on This Week, Julian Assange discussed his and NSA leaker Edward Snowden‘s respective asylum situations, as well as the United States’ “disgraceful” treatment of Snowden in revoking his passport.

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6/30/2013 6:08 PM // Politics

Gay Marriage Advocates vow to redefine marriage on a nationwide basis

Some gay rights advocates from Human Rights Coalition said they vow to push their redefinition of marriage nationwide.

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6/30/2013 6:01 PM // Politics

Pelosi: Obama is not the 4th term of Bush

Speaking with David Gregory, Nancy Pelosi addressed the ongoing international manhunt for NSA leaker Edward Snowden.

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6/30/2013 5:55 PM // Politics

Nancy Pelosi says that Hillary Clinton is highly qualified to be President

In an interview with David Gregory Pelosi said that Hillary is highly qualified to be President. She said it would be wonderful to have a woman President.

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6/30/2013 5:44 PM // Politics

Wendy Davis won't answer if she is opposed to abortion after 20 weeks

On Meet this Press so called journalist David Gregory asked State Sen Wendy Davis who is now the darling of the Democratic Party if she thinks a ban on abortions after 20 weeks is acceptable.

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6/30/2013 5:38 AM // Politics

The inmates are running the asylum - Gitmo detainees demand exercise equipment made by Muslims

The inmates are running the asylum or in this case the terrorists in Gitmo are, well, running Gitmo.

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6/30/2013 5:26 AM // Politics

The CIA's plan to crush leaks

The AP is reporting on a new plan by John Brennan to crack down on leaks in the wake of the NSA-Edward Snowden leaks.

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6/30/2013 5:02 AM // World

Someone tell Piers Morgan - 5 people killed in China with hammer and knife

Five people are dead in China after a bizarre murder-suicide attack with hammer and a knife.

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6/30/2013 4:29 AM // Leftist MSM

Marc Lamont-Hill: Paula Deen's whole empire is built on racism

Marc Lamont Hill is nothing more than liberal racist - he sees racism everywhere - said that he expected Paula Deen to say such words because her whole empire is built on slavery.

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6/30/2013 4:25 AM // Leftist MSM

Marc Lamont-Hill says it is okay for blacks to use the N word but not for white people to use it

On CNN last night, Don Lemon had his panel on to discuss the use of so called racist words. Wel,l Liberal Marc Lamont Hill said it is perfectly fine for black people to use the N word.

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6/29/2013 8:25 PM // Politics

“You’re a bunch of bullies!” – Judge Jeanine blasts the IRS for employees pleading the 5th

Judge Jeanine blasted the IRS and the employees for taking the 5th Amendment.

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6/29/2013 7:43 PM // Politics

[WATCH] Comm Dir for Rep. Rohrabacher Tara Setmayer destroys liberal opponent who defends Obama's big spending

Once again on Huckabee, Tara Setmayer destroyed Communication’s Director for Rep. Rohrabacher (R-CA) ,destroyed Liberal Elie Mystal who runs Abovethelaw.com.

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6/29/2013 7:32 PM // Politics

EPIC: Jim Bridenstine delivers scathing assesment of Obama and his administration

On June 3rd, Jim Bridenstine delivered devastatingly honest assessment of President Barack Obama and his administration.

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6/29/2013 7:27 PM // Politics

Sarah Palin warns GOP 'If you back away from principles that built this party then we'll abandon you'

Sarah was on with Uma today and fired a warning shot over the bow of the GOP.

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6/29/2013 7:21 PM // Politics

Hear the Gospel according to Larry Gatlin - Washington is not listening to the Heartland

Larry Gatlin was on with Uma today on Americas News HQ. Hear the very straightforward common sense Gospel according to Larry Gatlin.

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