7/31/2013 7:49 PM // Florida

Sanford Fl back in the news - Sanford principal, 2 school employees will be fired for ignoring gun tip

2 school employees and a school principal will be fired for ignoring the fact that a fourth-grade student had a gun in his backpack for two days.

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7/31/2013 6:51 PM // Politics

RINO John McCain on Hillary vs Rand Paul in 2016 - 'It’s gonna be a tough choice'

New Republic did a very revealing interview with that RINO John McCain who has once again become the Republican Media Darling because of his willingness to cross the aisle and work with Schumer.

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7/31/2013 6:45 PM // Politics

7/31/2013 6:32 PM // US

Marijuana to be legalized in Illinois

Marijuana will soon be legal in Obama's home state of Illinois after Gov. Pat Quinn signs a bill into law Thursday legalizing medicinal dope.

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7/31/2013 6:11 PM // Politics

New EPA Chief - 'Stop talking about environmental regulations killing jobs'

Obama's new EPA chief spoke to a bunch of liberal elites at Harvard in her first first public speech since being confirmed by the U.S. Senate less than two weeks ago.

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7/31/2013 5:57 PM // Politics

Benghazi: Special Ops commander said he was traveling, had unreliable communications, told LTC Gibson to stay in Tripoli

Col. George Bristol, who is retiring tomorrow, gave a closed door briefing to members of Congress about what happened the night of Sept 11, 2012 in Benghazi.

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7/31/2013 5:32 PM // Politics

Feds spying on your Twitter account - requsted info on more than 1300 accounts

The Feds are spying on your Twitter account. The government requested info on 1,319 Twitter accounts in 902 separate requests

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7/31/2013 5:24 PM // Politics

Jay Carney reiterates claim that Benghazi, IRS are just phony scandals

The White House said bluntly Wednesday that it considers the controversy over the Benghazi attack to be among the so-called "phony scandals".

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7/31/2013 4:31 PM // Economy

Federal Government cooks the books to falsely increase GDP

A new report shows that the GDP was 1.7% in the most recent set of numbers. However the Federal government is actually cooking the books.

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7/31/2013 3:48 PM // Economy

Ben Bernanke is going to keep on printing money

Bernanke is going to keep right on printing $85 billion a month.

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7/31/2013 3:06 PM // Politics

John McCain really does cross the aisle - walks into Dem caucus meeting

John McCain has always been known as maverick who would cross over to the other side. Well he did it for real now by walking into the Dem caucus meeting with Barry.

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7/31/2013 2:23 PM // Politics, World

CNN able to locate and interview Benghazi suspect yet FBI can't find him

CNN's Arwa Damon was able to find and interview a suspect involved in the Benghazi attack and talk with him for 2 hours.

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7/31/2013 1:34 PM // Religion

Brent Bozell supports Lauren Greene, slams Reza Aslan - 'He shows his aloof arrogance'

Brent Bozell came to Lauren Green's defense today on America Live after the interview that Green did with Aslan went viral.

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7/31/2013 1:22 PM // US

George Zimmerman back in the news - stopped in Texas for speeding

George Zimmerman was pulled over for speeding in North Texas on Sunday, CBS DFW reports.

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7/31/2013 12:17 PM // Weird and Strange

WTF?!? Dog eats paralyzed mans genitals

A paralyzed man is recovering in hospital after a stray dog that he adopted ate one of his testicles.

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7/31/2013 11:52 AM // The Media

Hilarity ensues when a puppy joins Fox & Friends on the curvy couch - Alisyn strokes Brian's thigh

Watch what happens when Brian has a puppy join Fox & Friends on the curvy couch.

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7/31/2013 11:28 AM // Politics

GOP Lawmakers sending letter to FBI Director Comey, asking Benghazi probe be made priority

Eight GOP lawmakers are writing a letter to newly minted FBI Diector James Comey demanding that he make the Benghazi probe a priority, Fox News confirms.

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7/31/2013 10:54 AM //

Amnesty supporters march on John Boehner's Ohio office demanding so called path to citizenship

Hundreds of amnesty supporters marched on John Boehner's Ohio office to demand the Speaker push for a broad path to citizenship.

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7/31/2013 10:43 AM // Politics

Rep Tom Cotton to challenge Sen Mark Pryor for Arkansas Senate seat

Newbie House Rep Tom Cotton will be challenging Mark Pryor for the Arkansas Senator's seat.

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