2/28/2014 9:11 PM // Politics

Sen. James Inhofe: US must respond urgently and wisely to Russia's invasion of Crimea

James Inhofe said Friday night that Obama should develop a plan for aiding Ukraine and not let the UN lead on the situation.

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2/28/2014 8:45 PM // World

Acting Head Of State Reminds US, Russia, & UK They Are Supposed To Be Guarantors Of National Security Of Ukraine

Oleksandr Turchynov, Ukraine's acting head of state, reminded the US, Russia, and the UK, that they are the "guarantors of the national security of Ukraine"

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2/28/2014 7:59 PM // Politics

Obama: Big banks used fine print to trick people into buying homes they can't afford

Never mind the fact that  libs like Obama forced lenders to make risky loans.

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2/28/2014 7:43 PM // Politics

Obama wages class warfare at DNC Winter Meeting

Yet again Obama resorted to class warfare at the DNC Winter Meeting.

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2/28/2014 7:33 PM // Politics

Obama heckled at DNC Winter Meeting - "Tell us about your plans for nuclear war with Russia!"

Obama was heckled at the DNC Winter Meeting when someone asked about nuclear war with Russia.

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2/28/2014 7:25 PM // Politics

2/28/2014 7:08 PM // World

2/28/2014 6:40 PM // US

Idaho governor signs bill that imposes penalties on animal activists who spy on agricultural facilties

Gov. Otter signed a bill Friday that imposes jail time and fines on animal activists who secretly film animal abuse at Idaho's agricultural facilities such as dairy farms.

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2/28/2014 6:15 PM // US

2/28/2014 5:51 PM // Politics

2/28/2014 5:27 PM // Sci and Tech, US

25 years after the Exxon Valdez disaster, sea otter population returns to pre-spill numbers

Unfortunately for libs and their war on Big Oil, the sea otter population in Prince William Sound has returned to levels before the Exxon Valdez spill some 25 years after the disaster.

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2/28/2014 5:08 PM // World

Russia launches invasion of Ukraine

And once again no one is taking Obama seriously.

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2/28/2014 5:04 PM // Politics, World

Obama Admin: Russian Troops Entering Ukraine An “Uncontested Arrival,” Not An “Invasion”

CNN's Barbara Starr reported on Friday that the Obama Administration is calling the arrival of Russian forces in Ukraine an uncontested arrival.

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2/28/2014 4:21 PM // World

US officials say Russia has sent several hundred troops into Ukraine

Russia has sent "several hundred" troops into Ukraine's Crimea region, according to US defense officials.

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2/28/2014 4:10 PM // World

2/28/2014 4:05 PM // Politics

Obama Tells DNC It’s “Officially Happy Hour With The Democratic Party”

Except it's not happy hour for Hagan, Pryor, Begich, Landrieu, Udall....

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