2/28/2015 6:50 PM // Politics

Judge Jeanine Rips Obama Over Iran, Israel & ISIS - Jihadists Don't Need a Job, They Have a Job...Their Job Is to Kill Us

ISIS jihadists don't need a job, Judge Jeanine said tonight. They have a job already which is to kill us.

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2/28/2015 6:25 PM // Politics

2/28/2015 6:21 PM // Politics

Ted Cruz: Nominating Another Moderate Like John McCain Or Mitt Romney 'Is Not a Winning Strategy'

Cruz spoke to John Roberts down in Florida at the Club for Growth event.

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2/28/2015 6:16 PM // Politics

Scott Walker Doesn't Regret Not Obtaining a College Degree

Walker spoke to Fox News' John Roberts in Florida.

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2/28/2015 6:03 PM // Politics

Bobby Jindal Slams GOP in Congress: 2014 Election Was Not About Having a 2nd Liberal Party

Jindal ripped into Republicans when he spoke to John Roberts in Florida at the Club for Growth event.

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2/28/2015 5:10 PM // Politics

Scott Walker Explains His Comments About Unions and ISIS - 'I Have Been Tested Under Fire'

Scott Walker and others were in Florida today to speak to Club for Growth at their event.

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2/28/2015 4:54 PM // Politics

Pelosi: Everybody I Know, Including Members of Congress, Can’t Live Without Getting a Paycheck on Time

She actually said that members of Congress cannot get by without their paycheck.

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2/28/2015 2:43 PM // World

Iraq's PM: ISIS Destroying Country's Historical Heritage

ISIS destroyed a number of ancient artifacts dating back to before Jesus Christ.

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2/28/2015 2:38 PM // Entertainment

William Shatner Remembers Leonard Nimoy - 'Together We Were Stronger Than Apart'

Shatner remembered his friend and co-star Leonard Nimoy.

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2/28/2015 2:17 PM // Politics

Rand Paul Wins the 2015 CPAC Straw Poll, Scott Walker Comes in Second

Paul won 2015 CPAC Straw Poll with Scott Walker coming in 2nd. Jeb was 5th at 8%, Ben Carson was 4th and Ted Cruz was 3rd.

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2/28/2015 1:51 PM // Politics

2/28/2015 1:45 PM // Politics

2/28/2015 1:42 PM // Politics

2/28/2015 1:38 PM // Military

Pentagon Spox Claims ISIS Territory Is Shrinking...'They're Feeling the Pinch'

John Kirby was asked about how efforts are progressing to cut off ISIS' funding.

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2/28/2015 10:55 AM // World

Kurdistan arrests six pro-ISIS clerics

Kurdish security forces have arrested six clerics for supporting Islamic State and inciting violence in the Kurdistan region.

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2/28/2015 10:30 AM //

Boehner Facing Possible Coup over DHS Funding Fight

There are reports Borhner could be facing another attempt to oust him over this DHS funding battle.

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2/28/2015 9:57 AM // Politics

Mosul Operation Delayed For Months While State Dept. Touts Twitter Offensive Against ISIS


Pete Hegseth was on “The Kelly File”, where he slammed the State Department for touting a Twitter offensive that has shut down thousands of ISIS accounts.

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2/28/2015 9:48 AM // Politics

Howie Kurtz: Holder ‘Afraid’ to Get Tough Questions from Fox News

Holder is giving interviews to lots of media outlets––CNN, NBC, and Politico among then––but he’s skipping Fox News.

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2/28/2015 9:40 AM // Politics

'America's Next Top Model' Contestant Killed By Illegal Whose DACA Application Was Approved

Mirjana Puhar -- a recent "America's Next Top Model" contestant -- was killed Tuesday in a quadruple homicide at her boyfriend's home in Charlotte, NC

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2/28/2015 9:33 AM // Politics

[VIDEO] Obama Admin to do End Run Around the 2nd Amendment by Banning Bullets

Obama is using executive actions to impose gun control on the nation, targeting the top-selling rifle in the country, the AR-15 style semi-automatic.

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