3/6/2015 3:33 AM // US

Boston Bombing Survivor Jeff Bauman Describes Seeing Bomber in the Crowd

On Thursday, Jeff Bauman - who lost both legs in the attack testified that he locked eyes with one of the bombers shortly before the twin blasts.

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2/19/2015 5:47 AM // US

Attorneys for Boston Bomber To Ask Appeals Court to Move Bombing Trial

The attorneys for the Boston Bomber are still trying to get the trial moved. Now they will ask a federal appeals court to move the trial.

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1/30/2015 2:27 PM // US

Boston Bomber lawyers cite finish line snow shoveler in push to move trial

Attorneys for the Boston Bomber have a new strategy for trying to get the trial moved out of Boston.

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1/6/2015 7:23 PM // Politics

[VIDEO] Boston Bomber's teen fan club claim he is innocent & that the whole thing is a hoax

Teenage fans of Dzhokhar say he did not do it and that the whole thing is a hoax. Even the people with missing limbs are somehow in on it.

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1/6/2015 7:30 AM // US

Fmr Boston Police Chief: NYPD doesn't feel that Mayor de Blasio has their back

The former Boston PD chief was on Morning Joe and discussed the current tension in NYC between the NPD and de Blasio.

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1/1/2015 8:34 AM // US

Judge denies motions by Boston Bomber's attorney to move and delay trial

District Judge George A. O’Toole Jr. on Wednesday denied requests by the Boston Bomber's defense attorneys for a delay and a change of venue.

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12/29/2014 7:46 AM // US

Attorneys for the Boston Bomber seek yet another delay in the trial

Lawyers for Boston Marathon bomber, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, are seeking another delay of his trial because they need more time to prepare.

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12/18/2014 5:51 PM // Politics

One of the attorneys for the Boston Bomber will seek to delay the Jan 5 trial

One of the attorneys for the surviving Boston Bomber is going to try and delay the trial which is now scheduled to begin on Jan. 5 with jury selection.

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12/18/2014 5:18 AM // US

[VIDEO] Boston Bombing suspect to appear in court today

Boston bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is expected to step out of solitary and into a courtroom Thursday in his first public appearance in 17 months.

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