3/26/2015 5:20 PM // Politics

CIA official who directed hunt for bin Laden is being removed from post

The head of the CIA’s Counter­terrorism Center, who presided over the agency’s drone campaign and directed the hunt for Osama bin Laden, is being removed from his post.

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3/14/2015 3:37 PM // World

CIA Cash Ended Up in the Hands of Al Qaeda in 2010

About $1 million provided by the CIA to a secret Afghan government fund ended up in the hands of al Qaeda in 2010 when it was used to pay a ransom for an Afghan diplomat

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2/5/2015 10:40 AM // World

British intelligence threatens to stop sharing information if Germany goes ahead with parliamentary inquiry

British intelligence officials are so worried about a parliamentary inquiry into their activities in Germany that they have threatened to stop sharing information if it goes ahead.

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1/17/2015 4:38 AM // World

Belgium wants CIA's help to track terrorist behind plot to kill police

Brussels wants the CIA's help to find the mastermind of the plot to kill police in the streets of Belgium.

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12/21/2014 2:33 PM // Politics

NYT Editorial Board Calls On Obama To Order Criminal Investigation Into Dick Cheney For “Torturing” Al-Qaeda

The Editorial Board of the NYT wants Obama to launch a full criminal investigation into Dick Cheney for allegedly "torturing" terrorists.

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12/16/2014 7:25 PM // Politics

12/16/2014 4:11 AM // Politics

Gitmo detainees given copies of Dianne Feinstein's report on CIA EITs

Five defendants at Gitmo have been given copies of DiFi's 500-plus page report on EITs to review in their cells

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12/15/2014 7:56 PM // Politics

Dr. James Mitchell: I’m proud of the work we did with the CIA EITs - we saved lives

He stands by his work and he does not run away from what he did. Whether you agree with what he did or not, you have to respect that he stands by what he did.

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12/15/2014 7:52 PM // Politics

Dr. James Mitchell: No moral equivalence between Obama’s drone program and belly slapping KSM

Dr. James Mitchell said there is no moral equivalence between droning Granny and slapping KSM on the belly.

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12/15/2014 7:15 PM // Politics

Dr. James Mitchell: Feinstein’s report misrepresents the EITs - “Cherry picks what happened & reads like a prosecutorial brief”

James Mitchell has been portrayed as someone like Dr. Mengale for his work on the EITs. Tonight he slammed the CIA report saying it cherry picked what happened during the EITs.

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12/15/2014 7:13 PM // Politics

Dr. James Mitchell: Waterboarding didn’t work on KSM but we got the info out of him with the other EITs

Dr. James Mitchell explained that waterboarding did not work on KSM but they got the info via the other EITs.

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12/15/2014 7:10 PM // Politics

Dr. James Mitchell: What we forget is Al Qaeda tried to decapitate America on 9/11

Dr. James Mitchell spoke to Megyn Kelly about how he developed the EITs and used them on KSM.

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12/14/2014 5:40 PM // Politics

John Bolton: Feinstein's CIA report "one more indication" to ISIS that we lack the will to defend ourselves

The CIA report has made us the laughing stock of the world. ISIS won't fear us now that they know we are not willing to do what it takes to stop them.

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12/14/2014 1:11 PM // Politics

GOP Rep. Peter King: "CIA did an excellent job" interrogating terrorists

Peter King supports what the CIA did saying they did an excellent job and called on everyone to stop this self loathing.

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