5/5/2015 4:34 PM // World

3/13/2015 2:45 PM // World

France Charges 2 Men with Ties to Black Jihadist Responsible for Kosher Grocery Attack

French authorities have charged 2 men linked to the black jihadist who killed 4 hostages at a kosher grocery in Paris in January.

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2/10/2015 4:49 PM // Politics

Krauthammer: ‘Idiocy’ for Administration to Deny Attack on Kosher Grocery Was Anti-Semitic

‘It would have meant admitting that the president is not infallible ... he should have said ‘kosher’ deli’

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1/31/2015 3:37 PM // Weird and Strange

Charlie Hebdo protests turn violent in Kabul as protesters throw rocks and shoot at police

A protest in the Kabul Afghanistan on Saturday against Charlie Hebdo turned violent as a confrontation erupted between riot police and demonstrators.

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1/31/2015 8:08 AM // World

1/30/2015 2:27 PM // World

Black Paris Jihadist emailed pictures of massacre taken with a Go-Pro to to an associate

The Black Paris Jihadist who assaulted a kosher grocery as part of the Charlie Hebdo slaughter wore a Go-pro and emailed pictures and/or video of the assault to an associate.

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1/24/2015 4:27 PM // World

Thousands of Palestinians protest Charlie Hebdo Mohammad cartoon

Thousands of Palestinians marched in the West Bank on Saturday to protest the publication of Charlie Hebdo with the cartoons of Mohammed.

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1/23/2015 2:24 PM // Politics

Black Jihadist buried near Paris after his home country refuses to accept the body

The killer, who murdered four hostages and one policewoman during the French siege, was buried in Paris after his country of origin Mali refused to accept his body.

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1/22/2015 12:00 PM // World

France Has Plan to Combat Radical Islam in Schools - Increase Diversity!

France is announcing new measures reportedly to help schools combat radical Islam, racism and anti-Semitism in reaction to the Charlie Hebdo massacre.

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1/22/2015 8:51 AM // World

Afghans protest against Charlie Hebdo in Kabul, demanding the French Ambassador be expelled

Around 100 people marched in Kabul against Charlie Hebdo on Thursday, accusing them of blasphemy and demanding that the government close the French embassy.

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1/21/2015 5:30 PM // World

France Fears More Terror Attacks By Associates of the Charlie Hebdo Jihadists

French Authorities fear at least 6 suspects who are associates of the Jihadists who committed the Charlie Hebdo could pose a real danger with new attacks.

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1/20/2015 8:02 AM // World

5 Chechens arrested in France, including 1 with explosives

Five Chechens have been arrested in southern France, including one with explosives, while four other men appeared in a Paris court to face charges in the Paris terror attacks.

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1/20/2015 5:02 AM // Politics

1/19/2015 11:33 AM // Leftist MSM

Muslim Journalist: ‘Element of Racism and Bigotry’ in Saying Muslims Commit Terrorism

Just a matter of time before the race card was played - though this time by a Muslim.

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