5/4/2014 9:13 AM // World

Russian bombers & fighter jets 'seen over Crimea'

Several dozen Russian planes including bombers and fighter jets were seen in the air over Crimea.

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4/17/2014 3:53 AM // World

3 Pro-Russian separatists dead following attack on military base in Eastern Ukraine

Three pro-Russian separatists were killed in a raid on a base in eastern Ukraine overnight.

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4/13/2014 4:02 AM // World

Ukraine launches 'anti-terrorist operation' in eastern city of Slaviansk

The region cotinues to heat up which is exactly what Putin wants so he can march in and take it.

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4/12/2014 6:25 AM // World

Pro-Russian forces seize police station in eastern Ukraine city of Sloviansk

Several dozen armed pro-Russian men seized a police station in Sloviansk and hoisted the Russian flag above the building Saturday.

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4/8/2014 3:34 AM // World

Russia warns that civil war will occur if Ukraine uses force to stop protests in Eastern regions

Russia's Foreign Ministry warned Ukraine's interim government on Tuesday that any use of force in Ukraine's eastern region would lead to civil war.

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4/7/2014 3:45 AM // World

Ukraine says Russia deliberately fomenting unrest in eastern region

Ukraine's Prime Minister, Arseniy Yatsenyuk, accused Russia on Monday of deliberately fomenting unrest in the country's eastern provinces as a pretext for invasion.

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4/3/2014 3:00 AM // Politics, Sci and Tech

As Ukraine Crisis Heats Up, NASA Cuts Ties With Russia's Space Agency Except on the ISS

Thank you Bush and Obama for killing our manned space program.

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4/2/2014 6:14 AM // World

Yanukovych says he will try to get Putin to give Crimea back to Ukraine & he was wrong to invite Russian troops into Crimea

I wonder what is behind this sudden change of heart. This is the guy who has th.e interim government illegal

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4/2/2014 4:24 AM // World

Ukraine Moves to Disarm Nationalist And Paramilitary Groups

The televsion media has all but forgotten Ukraine and CNN is still focused on the plane.

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4/1/2014 4:01 AM // World

Gary Kasparov: Obama told Putin he could keep Crimea if he signed up for Obama

Gary Kasparov thinks he knows the deal Obama gave to Putin.

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3/30/2014 10:58 AM // World

Former Putin Adviser Says The Russian President Wants To Retake Finland

A former adviser to Russian President Dictator Vladimir Putin says that the ex-KGB agent wants to retake Finland.

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3/30/2014 8:28 AM // World

Russian Amb to US: We have no interest and no intent in encroaching on the Eastern Ukraine border

The Russian Ambassador to the US said that Russia has no intention of invading Eastern Ukraine.

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3/28/2014 3:51 PM // World

US officials say Russia's troop buildup near Ukraine is as many as 40,000 troops

US officials now estimate that the total number of Russian troops near the border with Ukraine could be as many as 40,000.

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3/27/2014 6:16 PM // World

[WATCH] As many as 100K Russians troops massing along Ukraine border raising concerns about invasion

Russia is massing troops along the border with Ukraine in the East for a possible invasion.

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3/27/2014 5:57 PM // World

New intel report shows that Putin is ready to invade 3 towns to create land route to Crimea

US Intelligence is worried that Putin in the next week will invade a series of towns thus creating a clear land path to Crimea.

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3/27/2014 4:53 PM // World

U.S. Official: Putin Could Invade Ukraine ‘At a Moment’s Notice’

I am sure another stern warning from Obama will stop Putin from marching.

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