11/18/2014 10:22 AM // World

Palestinians celebrate terror attack on Jerusalem synagogue by handing out candy

Palestinians in the Gaza Strip are celebrating the terror attack on a Jerusalem synagogue that left four dead and others wounded on Tuesday.

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9/28/2014 9:29 AM // World

Shimon Peres tells Fareed Zakaria he supports Israel giving Palestinians a state

On GPS, Shimon Peres said he supports Israel giving the Palestinians a state.

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9/19/2014 6:52 PM //

U.N. Palestinian Diplomat Compares Israel’s Actions In Gaza To Atomic Bombing Of Hiroshima…

On September 19, 2014 a Palestinian diplomat, speaking at a side event during the current UN Human Rights Council session in Geneva, compared Israel's actions in Gaza to the bombing of Hiroshima.

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9/11/2014 4:40 AM // World

9/10/2014 6:04 AM // World

Deputy Palestinian PM: Donors don't want to fund Gaza rebuilding while Hamas remains in control

The deputy Palestinian prime minister said that international donors don't want to fund the reconstruction of Gaza as long as Hamas remains in control.

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9/7/2014 9:58 AM // World

Despite Ceasefire, Hamas Rebuilding Terror Tunnels To Attack Israel

A senior political source said on Sunday that Hamas has restarted its rocket manufacturing and smuggling operations and has begun rebuilding the terror tunnels destroyed by the IDF.

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8/27/2014 10:39 AM //

8/26/2014 8:02 AM // World

8/26/2014 6:54 AM // World

Palestinians claim permanent ceasefire has been reched with iSRael

Palestinians claim an agreement has been reached with Israel for a "permanent" ceasefire for the Gaza Strip, a senior Palestinian official told AFP.

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8/25/2014 7:41 PM // World

Israeli air strikes kill two Palestinians and wound 20

Israeli air strikes launched before dawn on Tuesday killed two Palestinians and took out one of Gaza's tallest apartment and office buildings.

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8/25/2014 6:54 AM // World

Palestinians In Gaza Launch “Rubble Bucket Challenge"

I mean we know they don't have running water in Gaza.

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8/24/2014 5:38 AM // World

Netanyahu warns Gaza civilians to evacuate sites where Hamas operates after leveling apartment tower

Netanyahu is warning Palestinian civilians to leave immediately any site where Hamas jihadists are operating.

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8/22/2014 5:17 AM // World

Savage Hamas executes 18 Palestinians in public

Hamas in Gaza executed 18 Palestinians on Friday for aiding Israel, a day after Israel tookout three top Hamas commanders.

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8/21/2014 2:27 PM // World

IDF mobilizing an additional 10,000 reservists

The IDF has called up 10,000 reservists, who will replace other reserve forces that are being sent home for rest.

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8/21/2014 11:22 AM // World

Hamas Chief Says Is Israel “Replicating What Hitler Did" & Is Carrying Out A “Holocaust In Gaza"

Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal on Thursday accused Israel of perpetrating a Holocaust in Gaza.

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8/21/2014 4:09 AM // World