4/11/2015 4:27 PM // World

ISIS Jihadi Impregnates 9 Year Old Yazidi Girl

Here is the latest ISIS atrocity - getting 9 year old Yazidi girls pregnant. According to the Toronto Star, at least 10 different men with Islamic State sexually assaulted the child.

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4/6/2015 1:06 PM // World

ISIS Savages Blows Up Assyrian Church on Easter Sunday

ISIS blew up a church on Easter Sunday, according to Syrian state news agency SANA.

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4/6/2015 7:17 AM // World

Al Nusra-linked Jihadis Kidnap 300 Kurds, Releasing Them In Exchange for Jihadis Held By Kurds

Al Nusra-linked jihadis on Monday kidnapped 300 Kurdish civilians at a checkpoint in northwestern Syria, holding them hostage for several hours before setting them free.

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4/5/2015 4:48 PM // World

Kurds in Sydney honor Australian killed fighting ISIS in Syria

Hundreds of Kurds in Sydney turned out on Thursday to honor Australian Ashley Johnson, the first Westerner killed fighting Islamic State (ISIS) in Syria.

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4/5/2015 4:41 PM // World

Romanian court bans 7 foreigners due to al-Qaida and ISIS links

A Romanian court has banned 6 foreign nationals from the country due to their links to al-Qaida and ISIS..

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4/5/2015 4:29 PM // World

Feel Good News of the Day - Top ISIS Leader Responsible for Suicide Bombings Killed in Fallujah

A local militia in Fallujah has killed a top ISIS leader who was once a general in Saddam Hussein’s army.

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4/2/2015 9:11 AM // US

FBI Arrests Two Women, Connected To AQAP On Charges Of Planning To Detonate Bomb In NYC

Two women who are roommates in Queens have been arrested on charges they were planing to bomb a target in the US.

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3/26/2015 9:43 AM // Military

Illinois National Guardsman and His Cousin Arrested for Trying to Join ISIS

Two men have been arrested by the FBI for trying to join ISIS. One is a current member of the Illinois National Guard and the other his cousin.

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