11/21/2014 1:42 PM // Politics

Lois Lerner’s 30,000 Missing Emails Have Magically Been Recovered...Just In Time For The Weekend

Magically found on a Friday afternoon while Obama is stealing the headlines with amnesty.

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7/18/2014 7:26 AM // Leftist MSM

7/17/2014 3:58 PM // Politics

Deputy AG James Cole Contradicts Evidence Regarding Who Contacted Who About IRS Targeting

James Cole testified today before House Oversight and appeared to contradict previously released information.

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7/17/2014 10:13 AM // Politics

Trey Gowdy hammers Deputy AG James Cole over IRS targeting

Trey Gowdy delivered his typical sharp line of questioning when he questioned James Cole at today's IRS hearing this morning.

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7/7/2014 6:19 PM // Politics

Judge to Hold Hearing on July 11 on True the Vote's Suit to Investigate Lost IRS Emails

 A federal judge scheduled a hearing for next week on True the Vote's request to investigate Lois Lerner's missing emails as part of the groups lawsuit against the agency.

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7/7/2014 4:38 PM // Politics

Protester pushing for civilian militia at border calls Obama the "Coyote in Chief" & slams Boehner as well

A Tea Party group is protesting the dumping of illegals in Murietta. Gary Dunn is a protester and wants the Natrional Guard to help secure the border.

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6/30/2014 10:46 AM // Politics

Yet another IRS attorney donated thousands to Democrats

Yet another Democrat who gave big money to Obama.

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6/29/2014 8:35 AM // Politics

Lerner Attorney: IRS "doing what they were supposed to be doing" when agency targeted Conservatives

We all know what side this guy is on. He said that the IRS was doing what they they were supposed to be doing when the agency targeted Tea Party Groups.

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6/22/2014 1:54 PM // Politics

George Will: The IRS scandal is worse than Article 2 of the Nixon Impeachment Articles

On Fox News Sunday, George Will said that Obama's IRS scandal is actually worse than Article 2 of the Nixon Impeachment articles.

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6/22/2014 1:44 PM // Politics

Heritage Action CEO: We have an out of control executive branch because Congress has given up

Heritage Action CEO Michael Needham was on Fox News Sunday today we are in a bad situation because a bunch of unelected bureaucrats in the IRS can decide on their own to target Americans.

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6/22/2014 1:32 PM // Politics

Watch how Obama's attitude towards the targeting of conservative groups changed over time

Obama went from outraged to saying there is not even a smidgen of corruption.

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6/18/2014 7:33 PM // Politics

IRS conveniently "recycles" Lois Lerner's hard drive

Lois Lerner’s crashed hard drive has been "recycled", meaning those lost emails are conveniently gone forever.

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6/13/2014 11:50 AM // Politics

IRS claims it cannot find Lois Lerner's emails

Yes I am sure her hard drive crashed.

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6/10/2014 6:56 PM // Politics

6/6/2014 2:14 PM // Politics

Tea Party files ethics complaint against Dem Sen. Carl Levin over IRS targeting

Tea Party Patriots has filed an ethics complaint against Dem Sen. Carl Levin.

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6/6/2014 6:14 AM // Politics

Chuck Schumer used IRS to suppress conservative groups

According to an ethics complaint filed by the Center for Competitive Politics, Chuck Schumer tried to use the IRS to sidestep the Citizens United ruling and go after conservative groups.

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